Photography (life) is not linear.

I set out before this trip with a hefty agenda, which of course was derailed because my life took a turn that I could not then see, let alone predict. Saying yes to a workshop with David Alan Harvey tends to flip you upside-down... and I always start out with the same questions: What am I doing here? Why am I here? Will I be able to make it through? I suppose these are the same questions I ask myself about my life, actually. I had been traveling and wandering for weeks. I always say I won't return to Mexico because there was a giant world I want to explore. And I'm back again. There was a reunion and a goodbye haunting me as I stood in front of Frida Khalo's work while my tears were streaming down my cheeks. I will forever remember that day because it was there where I finally saw myself. It was there where I had made a wish before I even knew of it.