Photography (life) is not linear.

I set out before this trip with a hefty agenda, which of course was derailed because my life took a turn that I could not then see, let alone predict. Saying yes to a workshop with David Alan Harvey tends to flip you upside-down... and I always start out with the same questions: What am I doing here? Why am I here? Will I be able to make it through? I suppose these are the same questions I ask myself about my life, actually. I had been traveling and wandering for weeks. I always say I won't return to Mexico because there was a giant world I want to explore. And I'm back again. There was a reunion and a goodbye haunting me as I stood in front of Frida Khalo's work while my tears were streaming down my cheeks. I will forever remember that day because it was there where I finally saw myself. It was there where I had made a wish before I even knew of it. 


I can't pretend this isn't about my life

I was staring for some time at my computer screen with an almost maxed out credit card and a warm can of beer. I click to purchase. I'll be there tomorrow. It's cold here and I keep telling myself this isn't about you but I know it is and the places you have pushed me to. This is always where my best work is born. As it coincides, a few days prior I decided to reach out to my friend and photo mentor David Alan Harvey who's also in Mexico working on his book. I previously joined David in Rio de Janeiro and New York for three of his his life-altering student photography workshops and he made it very clear after our last workshop: NO MORE WORKSHOPS... why? Because I don't need them, he told me. Just like I don't need to jump on a plane to come find you. Overwhelmed with the feeling of living this moment for what I want not what I need had flooded over me. You said yes to me coming to see you and David agreed to one more workshop. When the plane touched down in Mexico the following day and the bus dropped me off where we agreed to meet, my world which had stopped, started again. 

This is how my trip was born.